“Behind the Seams” – @Marshalls

A small group of fashion bloggers were invited to listen to Alison Deyette, a well known shopping and fashion expert, talk about how Marshalls and TJ Maxx are able to offer such low prices on designer fashions and other trendy products. Some myths were dispelled and some facts were revealed.

Marshalls carries the exact same quality of clothes as the department stores, often times with an additional variety of colors or patterns. Also, 95% of what is carried in any Marshalls store is “in season”. So, Marshalls does NOT carry past season stuff that the designers couldn’t sell.

The reason Marshalls can offer you in-season designer clothes at up to 75% off department store pricing is buying power. Marshalls protects their buying power with the designers by making low prices a priority above designer branding and by paying designers up-front without buy-backs. This along with some great customers and large volume make Marshalls the perfect place for designers to sell their products… and a great place for consumers to check out before they spend a wad of cash at a department store.

Alison Deyette Marshalls Behind the Seams
Alison Deyette walking us through the loading area at Marshalls

Visit Marshalls at MarshallsOnline.com
More info on Alison Deyette available at AliOnTheGo.com
Thanks to RocketXL.com


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